** Updated : We just received confirmation that ours was the greatest wedding of all time **

Kidding. But you have to admit, it was pretty amazing.

If you have any photos that you'd like to share with us, but don't want to post them to Facebook or any other social sites, you can share them with us via Dropbox and use my email address of m.a.hinkley[at]gmail[dot]com. A gallery will be posted once we return from Las Vegas and Manhattan!

So... wot'cha doing for New Years 2014?

Kidding. (or are we...)

We would like to thank all of you who were a part of this event. The outpouring of love, support and generosity has been overwhelming and we are forever grateful.


Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Mari Hinkley

Our Story

Twas the early summer of 2009
When we both found each other online
After longwinded emails in essay format
It was time for us to meet after that

Our very first date we went to the CNE
Our second date we did soccer and sushi
It wasn't before long, we had our first kiss
That we knew we were in relationship bliss

Questions came to him "You going to propose?"
With a shrug, he said "I suppose."
He designed her a ring, beautiful and symbolic
Then travelled to Europe, hidden in his wallet

A wee castle in the Scottish Highlands
Did he finally propose and ask for Mari's hand
A date has been chosen so easy to remember
For a big freakin' party at the end of December

Wedding Party


Bride, Striker, Captain, Cuddle Monkey


Groom, Centre Forward, Nerd


Maitron of Honour, Central Attacking Midfielder


"Best" Man, Mascot


Bridesmaid, Central Attacking Midfielder


Groomsman, Midfielder


Groomsman, Right Back


Bridesmaid, Left Back


Ring Bearer, Goalkeeper


Flower Girl, Centre Back


So, getting married on New Years Eve, huh?

Yes we are. What started as a joke response to the question became more and more of a great idea.

How did you meet?

Through eHarmony. No, we are not doing one of those damn commercials.

Will there be an open bar?

Oh yes. Yes there will be.

What is the schedule like for the day for the wedding?

Ceremony will start around 3:00pm, followed by some quick family and individual photos. Dinner will start at 7:00pm. Dancing is at 10:00pm

Will there be speeches?

Probably, but we will keep it short and will not bore you to death. It's a party-centric philosophy, and the best parties have little to no speeches.

What's for dinner?

Eleven courses, Chinese traditional dishes. There are slight variactions between Mari's side and Mark's side.

But it's New Years Eve, what if I wanna get inebriated?

There will be a shuttle available for you, but it may vary from hotel to hotel. At Homewood Suits, there is a maximum of 6 people per trip and you will have to sign up at the front desk upon check in. For those that are having so much fun and don't want to leave at 11pm. Don't worry we will have another shuttle that will take you back to your hotel.

At the Fairfield Inn, will be providing a shuttle as well and details for pickup and drop off times are TBA. Please check back for scheduled pick-up and drop off times. We will also have shuttle times available at the hotel

But what if I don't like mushrooms?

Too bad, Mark. Other people do. I know you're the groom, but suck it up princess.

Are you guys registered anywhere?

We are currently registered at Sears with registry #201319609934.

Are you guys getting a block of hotel rooms reserved?

We are booked with Fairfield Inn & Suites Toronto Mississauga. Enter code  AHWAHWA  for a room with a king-size bed, or enter  AHWAHWB  for a room with 2 queen-size beds. Both rates are $125/night. They're located at 35 Courtneypark Drive West in Mississauga and you can reach them at (905) 564.2030. As of Sept. 30th, there are 5 rooms remaining in our block of rooms.

We also have a block of rooms at the Homewood Suites Hilton Toronto-Mississauga which have rooms with king beds at $129/night. Click on the link or call (905) 564.5529 and mention our names. As of Sept. 30th, there are 8 rooms remaining under our name.

Is there going to be a traditional Chinese tea ceremony?

Yes there is going to be a tea ceremony, and it will take place on December 29th at 10:30am at Mari's parents house, 68 Saffron Crescent, in Brampton.

For those who don't know what we're talking about, the tea ceremony is the most significant event in a modern chinese wedding as it helps to connect large families on the wedding day and serves as a means for both parties to meet with each other. During the tea ceremony, the couple would serve tea to all family members and call them by their official title. Drinking the tea symbolizes acceptance into the family.

It is also a sign of respect and a method to express thanks to your elders on one's wedding day. In the traditional Chinese marriage ceremony, both the bride and groom kneel in front of their parents and serve them tea. That is the most devout way to express their gratitude. While kneeling in front of their parents, it is a practice for the married couple to say, "Thank you for bringing us up. Now we are getting married. We owe it all to you." The parents will usually drink a small portion of the tea and then give them a red envelope, which symbolizes good luck.

The tea itself will be sweet, symbolizing sweetness in the new union. Some traditional chinese sweet teas are preferred for the good connotations in their names.

Lotus seeds and two red dates are used in the tea for two reasons. First, the words “lotus” and “year,” “seed” and “child,” and “date” and “early,” are homophones, (i.e. they have the same sound but different meanings in Chinese). Secondly, the ancient Chinese believed that putting these items in the tea would help the newlyweds produce children early in their marriage. Also, the sweetness of the special tea is a wish for sweet relations between the bride and her new family.

Your ceremony is at 3pm and hotel check-in is also at 3pm. What if I want to check in before your ceremony?

Aren't you all clever? And you're paying attention! We will be asking both hotels if early check-in is available for all guests. However, we suggest that guests check-in after the ceremony as there is about 2.5 hrs between ceremony and cocktail hour. A shuttle service will be provided throughout the day and evening between the hotel and hall and back.

But, what if my question isn't answered here?

Do not fret. Please contact us at and maybe, if you're good, we'll get back to you in a timely manner.


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View Mark & Mari's wedding map in a larger map

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